Experienced Orleans Plumbers: 35 Years of Exceptional Service

Environmental Plumbing: Delivering World-Class Service for Over 35 Years in Orleans

Welcome to Environmental Plumbing, the plumber Orleans has trusted for professional plumbing and drain cleaning services for over 35 years. Our commitment to world-class customer service has set us apart in the industry. We believe in not just meeting, but exceeding expectations with our reliable and efficient plumbing solutions.

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Professionalism and Reliability at the Core

At Environmental Plumbing, professionalism is our hallmark. Our team of experienced plumbers is equipped with the expertise to handle all your plumbing needs, from routine plumbing repairs to complex plumbing installations. We pride ourselves on our punctuality, clear communication, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every job is completed to the highest standard.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Our long-standing reputation in Orleans is built on a foundation of trust and excellence. Over the years, we have forged lasting relationships with our customers, thanks to our unwavering dedication to quality service. We are not just plumbers; we are your neighbours, committed to keeping your homes and businesses running smoothly.

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Experience the difference with Environmental Plumbing. Contact us today and join our community of satisfied customers who trust us for all their plumbing needs.

Plumbing Installations

Setting the Standard for Excellence

Choose Environmental Plumbing for installations that combine expertise, efficiency, and the latest technology. Contact us to experience service excellence in Orleans.

A Selection of Our Plumbing Installation Services

Water Systems Expertise

We offer comprehensive solutions, including water heater, water line, and water softener installations, ensuring a seamless supply of clean and warm water.

Essentials for Your Comfort and Convenience

Our services cover essential installations such as toilets, sinks, faucets, and shower valves, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Versatile Appliance Installations

From dishwashers to washing machines, we ensure your appliances are set up for optimal performance.

Safety and Efficiency

We also specialize in outdoor hose bib installations and backflow preventors, safeguarding your plumbing system’s integrity.

Choose Environmental Plumbing for installations that combine expertise, efficiency, and the latest technology. Contact us to experience service excellence in Orleans.

Our Service Areas in Orleans

326 Warden Ave, Orleans, ON K1E 1T4

Hiawatha Park • Queenswood Village • Chatelaine Village • Convent Glen • Chapel Hill • Chapel Hill South • Orleans Village – Chateauneuf • Queenswood Heights • Fallingbrook • Springridge • Cardinal Creek • Notting Gate • Notting Hill • Summerside • Avalon • Blackburn • Blackburn Hamlet • Notre-Dame-Des-Champs

Comprehensive Plumbing Repair Services in Orleans

Our Diverse Plumbing Repair Services Include

Leak Detection and Repair

Specializing in identifying and fixing leaks, whether it’s in toilets, faucets, drain pipes, shower valves, or water lines.

Drain and Sewer Solutions

Expertise in clearing clogged drain repair, drain backups, repairing sewer lines, and ensuring smooth functioning.

Water Heater

From traditional hot water tanks to tankless systems, we provide comprehensive repair services to ensure you have hot water when you need it.

Water Heater Repair

No hot water is a plumbing emergency. And when it comes to emergency plumbing services, we’ve got you covered!

Toilet Repair

Whether your toilet is running or simply won’t flush, we’re ready to offer same-day toilet repair.

Emergency Repairs

Responsive emergency services for critical situations like sump pump failures and frozen pipes, ensuring prompt resolution and minimal disruption.

Faucet Repair and Faucet Installation

If you’ve got a leaky faucet, we’re ready to help! We offer comprehensive faucet repair services in addition to faucet replacements.

Premier Drain Care Services in Orleans

Environmental Plumbing offers a comprehensive range of drain care services designed to address every kind of blockage or drainage issue you may encounter in Orleans. Our experienced technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure efficient and long-lasting results.

Our Specialized Plumbing Drain Care Includes

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning

Tackling everything from kitchen sinks to laundry and bathroom drains, ensuring your plumbing system remains free of clogs.

Clogged Drain Repairs

Expertise in resolving blockages in toilets, showers, bathtubs, and main drains, restoring functionality swiftly.

Advanced Techniques for Tough Challenges

Utilizing hydrojetting services for thorough cleaning and tree root removal from pipes, preventing further damage and blockages.

Emergency Services

Ready to respond to urgent drain cleaning needs to minimize inconvenience and potential damage.

We've got an Orleans plumber on standby!

We've never encountered clogged drains we couldn't handle! Rely on Environmental Plumbing for thorough and effective drain care services, keeping your plumbing and sewer system in optimal condition.

What Sets Us Apart

Unwavering Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our customer satisfaction guarantee is more than a promise; it’s a reflection of our dedication to your complete happiness with our services.

Two-Year Industry Leading Warranty

Confidence in our workmanship allows us to offer an industry-leading 2-year warranty. This warranty is our pledge to you of the enduring quality and reliability of our services.
Two-Year Industry Leading Plumbing Warranty

Sustainability at the Forefront

Environmental stewardship is integral to our operations. We employ environmentally friendly practices in all our services, from using eco-conscious materials and products to adopting sustainable methods, ensuring we do our part for the planet.

Team of Insured and Expert Professionals

Our Orleans plumbers are not just highly skilled and experienced; they are also fully insured, offering you peace of mind. We invest in continuous training and development, ensuring our team stays at the forefront of plumbing technology and best practices.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Over the years, we have built a reputation for reliability and excellence. Our commitment to ethical practices and high standards has made us a trusted name in the community.

Customers reviews

Hear from Our Happy Customers:
Real Reviews from Families We Serve

Fast, responsive service. We had an emergency clog and they were able to come out the same day. They fixed it during the visit and came back the next day to ensure it was still clear and to do a flush.
Daniel Sinagulia was on time, professional and friendly, did great work, explained to us what was going on, and cleaned up after he was finished - We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and Environmental Plumbing to others!
Big thank you to Environmental plumbing. Gary arranged the service call and answered all my questions without hesitation. Dan came and changed the toilets, shower head, kitchen, sink plumbing maintenance, drain unblocking. Did leak investigations and repair. He is very polite, experienced, professional. He took special care for Covid-19. Overall they are a very reliable company and I highly recommending them and I definitely will call them again for their services.
Phenomenal work, professional service, super glad I found this business and called it. I had a blockage in my basement drain and after a little bit of thorough snaking it was resolved. The fees are exceptionally reasonable, and Gary is a great man! Best of luck to this team, bright future ahead!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Plumbing Services

Most frequent questions and answers

What should I do if I need emergency plumbing services?

If you’re facing a sudden plumbing emergency, such as a burst pipe or severe leak, contact us immediately. Our team is equipped to handle urgent, plumbing problems and plumbing issues, promptly and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption and damage.

How can I tell if my plumbing issue requires professional attention?

Common signs that you need a professional plumber include persistent leaks, blocked toilets, slow drains, unusual noises from pipes, or a sudden increase in water bills. If you’re unsure, it’s always safer to consult with our experts to avoid any plumbing emergencies.

Why is it important to hire professional plumbers for my plumbing needs?

Professional plumbers, like our team at Environmental Plumbing, bring expertise, proper tools, and experience to handle a wide range of plumbing issues efficiently and safely. Hiring professionals ensures quality work and peace of mind.

Do you provide plumbing services for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, our team is equipped to handle both residential and commercial plumbing needs, offering a wide range of services from routine maintenance and replacement to complex installations and repairs.

What should I do if my toilet is constantly running or leaking?

A running or leaking toilet can waste a significant amount of water and may indicate an internal problem. Our toilet repair services can diagnose and fix the issue, from valve replacements to seal repairs.

Can your services help with heating issues in my house?

Absolutely. Our expertise extends to heating solutions, ensuring your home remains comfortable and efficient. Whether it’s related to water heaters or integrated plumbing and heating systems, we’ve got you covered.

How can I identify a water leak in my home?

Signs of a water leak include unexpected increases in water bills, damp spots on walls or floors, and the sound of running water when all taps are off. If you suspect a leak, our team can help locate and fix it promptly.

What should I do if I detect a leaking pipe?

If you notice a leaking pipe, it’s crucial to address it quickly to prevent water damage. Contact us for a quick response; our team is skilled in identifying and repairing leaks, ensuring your plumbing system’s integrity.