Bio-Clean Instructions

Below are instructions on how to use Bio-Clean. Click on the titles to show the instructions.

Home Drains

Initial Treatment

ALWAYS apply Bio-Clean when drains won’t be used for 6 to 8 hours (at bedtime for example). Mix with 1 litre of water per level scoop (included in container) used. Lukewarm water is best – never hot. Apply Bio-Clean to each drain for 5 consecutive days. If a drain remains sluggish, extend treatment a few more days before going to maintenance schedule.

Floor Drains – Apply one level scoop for each 2.5 cm of pipe diameter (10 cm – 4 scoops, 5 cm – 2 scoops, etc.)

All other drains – 1 level scoop each.

  • If a drain is not flowing, cable drain first. If it cannot be cabled, then add 1 level scoop in 1 litre of water each day until the bacteria eat through the length of stoppage. This could take days or even weeks, but is better than replacing your pipes.
  • Never use other drain products while using Bio-Clean.
  • For homes on Septic: treat septic before house drains.
  • On multi-story buildings start initial treatment on the lowest level (e.g. basement) and progress to the top. Complete the 5-day treatment on each floor before going to the next floor.
  • Buildings with main sewer problems over 30 metres from building need additional amounts according to the length of sewer. For 60 m double original dosage and water. Triple for 90 m, etc.
  • Drain pipe flow will improve within 1 to 3 weeks. During this time a stoppage may occur due to chunks of waste loosened. Use a plunger or cable to restore flow. Do not become discouraged, this means Bio-Clean is removing the build-up and with periodic treatment will prevent re-accumulation.
  • Very hard water causes slime in toilet reservoir tanks. Add 1 level scoop as needed to eliminate slime. Do not flush for several hours.
  • Mouthwash should be disposed of into toilet. If sink must be used, flush with large volume of water.
  • Hair digests very slowly and sometimes builds up in great quantities. Severe build up may require daily treatment for thirty to sixty days unless the bulk of the blockage is first removed manually. Once removed manually or with extended treatment, regular maintenance applications will keep hair deposits from reforming.
  • If extended treatment or use of mechanical aid does not restore full flow, you almost certainly have some inorganic solid (toy, glass, toothbrush or bobby pins) in the trap or line which will have to be removed manually.
  • Roots – Although Bio-Clean will not attack live tissue, its use will discourage root growth by eliminating waste buildup (their food). If roots are known to exist within the sewer pipes, enough root killer for the length of line should be used before trees start new growth in spring. After using root killer wait two weeks before re-starting the use of Bio-Clean.

Apply Bio-Clean once a month per the following chart. Mix with 1 litre water per level scoop used. Lukewarm water is best – never hot.

Floor Drains 2 level scoops
All Other Drains 1 level scoop

Homes on a septic system having garbage disposal dishwasher or washing machine: one spoonful of Bio-Clean should be added each WEEK to each of these drains.

Garbage Disposal Odours

Mix 1 level scoop of Bio-Clean with 1 litre of water. Turn on disposal. Dump mixture in and quickly turn off disposal. Do not use for several hours. Repeat as needed.

Septic Tanks & Cesspools

  • Before using Bio-Clean check the solids on top of the waste. If it’s hard, measure it. Pump the tank/cesspool if the crust is more than 15 cm thick OR if the sludge build-up on the bottom is 30 cm or more. If there is a thin crust, break up thoroughly and slosh initial treatment over the top.
  • Wait 2 to 3 weeks after pumping before applying product.
Initial Treatment
Tank Size Bio-Clean Warm Water
2250L 450g 9L
3375L 675g 14L
4500L 900g 18L
5625L 1,125g 23L
6750L 1,350g 27L

Stir up the mixture, wait 40 minutes and pour directly into the tank, cesspool or a drain going into the tank. Apply at a time when no water will be run for several hours, e.g. at bedtime.

  • Biodegradable cleaners help your tank/cesspool work better.
  • Conservative and occasional use of bowl cleaners and bleaches is compatible. Avoid using chlorinated dish washing and laundry detergents. Do not use automatic bowl cleaners (the type that dispense with each flush). Your system depends upon bacteria. Killing them with chemicals will result in expensive pumping or even field replacement.
  • Absorption fields which have water coming to the surface may be restored with Bio-Clean. Contact your supplier for proper treatment of field laterals.

Apply Bio-Clean once a month. Use ½ cup for 3 people or less in the household or ¾ cups for 4 or more people. Mix with 4 litres of warm water.

Well Water

Acid water is very detrimental to biological action and plumbing. You can prevent costly repair bills by contacting us if the pH of your water is below 7.0.

Nothing is more effective for biodegrading waste in septic systems than Bio-Clean. But no product can fix mechanical problems. We recommend Bio-Clean as part of a program of preventative maintenance which includes regular inspection of the tanks and baffles, and the proper use of water and drainage systems.

Cat Box Odours

Clean and dry pan. Lightly cover the bottom with Bio-Clean. After putting new litter in the cat box, lightly cover entire surface area with product. Add as needed.

RVs & Boats

After first use of toilet add 1 level scoop* to toilet and flush.

Grey Water: After first draining of dish or bath water, mix 1 level scoop* with 1 litre of water. Pour into sink or bath drain. Alternate drains so each drain receives regular treatments.

Repeat above for both tanks after dumping or after 5 days.

* Use 2 level scoops for 3 or more people.


Mix 1 cup of Bio-Clean with 4 litres of water. Pour over the waste using a sprinkling can. Keep waste wet by spraying periodically with clear water. Then once a month mix ½ cup of Bio-Clean in 2 litres of water and distribute over the waste material.

Composting Kitchen Waste

Wet the compost. Initially, mix 1 cup of Bio-Clean in 2 litres lukewarm water. Let it stand for 30 minutes then pour over the heap.

Weekly Maintenance: For each person in the household use a level scoop of Bio-Clean in ½ litre of water. Turn over the compost every two to three days.